Mediator For

Thomas J. Tanksley, Ltd.

Note to Counsel


                 The last thing that a litigation attorney wants to encounter at a mediation is some irresponsible comment made by the mediator in front of the client that undermines the attorney-client relationship. Such commentary could also unravel the chance of reaching a reasonable settlement.

                I work very hard toward a settlement in every case I mediate. But as an experienced litigation attorney, I respect the challenges litigators face in preparing their case, in dealing with whatever obstacles are presented, and in advising their clients. I also expect that counsel for the parties will know more about their case and about the parties than I. It is my standing goal that every mediation be a positive experience for all who are involved, including the attorneys and their clients. Toward that end, I approach each mediation with respect for the parties and counsel, seeking to provide practical feedback and creative ideas in assisting the parties toward an acceptable and prudent settlement.


Tom Tanksley